When talking about car accident law is refers to the rules that are legally set to determine the responsible person for damage that is as a result of a collision in traffic. Car accident laws are entirely governed by the state and apply the negligence law has it is involved in personal injury cases. Each and every driver should ensure that all roads rules and signs are obeyed to the letter so that they can avoid sabotaging personal and property damage of other road users. In the following discussion, we are going to look at some of the important things to know in as much as car accident law is concerned.

Basic elements to recover compensation

Before any compensation is done according to the car accident law, all the car accident victims must prove some very crucial compensation elements. The items involved are; breach, duty, causation and harm.


On this element, all road users should ensure that they obey all road rules and importantly they should make sure that their vehicles are operated in the best way possible. On the other hand, this can mean that all car drivers should maintain control, safe speed, exercise awareness, use headlights and blinkers and significantly observe all the traffic rules. This element is usually accepted by everyone without any argument.


A violation is normally an act of filling to observe or rather breaking an agreement, code of conduct and law. A violation is usually shown by direct evidence which can be testimony from eye witnesses, video of traffic surveillance or admission of the defendant.


This the action cause of something that has happened. The court law generally should be provided with all the circumstances that brought about injuring of the plaintiff. The plaintiff is normally represented in a court of justice by a car accident lawyer. Causations can be known through a medical testimony which should be consistent with the car crash. The medical testimony should also indicate that the injuries did not exist beforehand.


The plaintiff is usually supposed to prove the available harm. Once the injury is shown and accounted for, the plaintiff is automatically entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, grief, and pain.

Steps followed in a car accident

a) Remain silent after a crash

However simple the crash may be, admitting for a fault is one dangerous mistake that one can make. In the standard rules of evidence, sentiments out of court are usually not accepted in exception of an admission. Even a mere apology can cost you and lead to a buildup case against you.

b) Make notes of the sentiments by the other driver

Make good use of things like your phone, tablets and other gadgets in recording any audio memos in the scene of an accident. Using all the available means, ensure you gather as much information as possible. Begin with taking down the other driver’s name, address, insurance information and license information. Preserve other evidence such as weather conditions, traffic, description of the road and witness contact information.

c) Do not overlook seeking medical attention

You should always look for medical attention as fast as possible even if the injuries are so minor. This is usually imperative so that the attorney of the other driver does not belittle you based on the severity of the injuries given that you did not seek medical attention.

d) Contact a legal adviser

This is a crucial person that can help you in the compensation sector. Without the assistance of counsel, you may be vulnerable and alone to the opponent’s insurance company. You may also be pressure to accept unfair sentiments which may put you in jeopardy in as much as car accidents are concerned. Therefore it is important you get assistance from a lawyer.


– Guest Blog Post by a Vancouver BC Car Accident Lawyer